About Us
Kahraba Engineering is ranked on the top 1000 companies/business in Lebanon.
About Us

Kahraba Engineering SAL is considered to be a pioneer to stimulate innovation, to encourage research and development, to listen to the concerns of business as well as customers. At K.E., i.e. Kahraba Engineering, it is not only the talk about being on the edge of perfection but about focusing on the optimum performance in our work.

K.E. meets adequately with the appropriate  maintenance and the excellent service that respond to the need of different types of customers.

K.E. is known for its ability to handle and finish work on time, its skillfulness in the installation process on whatever matter concerned. It meets the market with a concern of strictness, high performance and professionalism so that our customer benefited from a well-targeted system of protection.


Over the years

Created in 1986, and during its first years of operations, Kahraba Engineering has been able to acquire a long list of references on the local and international levels. Our clients were fully satisfied by the quality of the works performed and the respect of preset schedules despite strongly adverse conditions.

We have been present at the majority of specialized fairs held all over Europe. Benefiting from this in present, we have been able to procure our clients with the most suitable solution equipment and the prompt service.


K.E. has experience in securing all types of critical infrastructures: Financial, Information Technology, Roads, Marine Facilities, Judicial and Government Buildings, Land Transportation, Airports, Commercial Facilities, Museums, Military, Industrial, entire Cities, Hospital and Healthcare facilities

Kahraba Engineering ... One of Best Teams

Our main office in Lebanon, Iraq and United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia relies upon a highly professional, efficient and homogeneous team made up of more than one hundred and fifty people:

- Senior Managers and Engineers with more than twenty years of experience.

- Administrative staff working a fully computerized system.

- Skilled Engineers and Technicians who have received special training in Europe for the Perfection in management and technology.

K.E. operations relies on using always the latest Engineering Software programs in AutoCAD, Hydraulic calculation, best Engineering solutions, design software for the best performance in design and execution.



All this made Kahraba Engineering the reference and the address for designing, supplying sophisticated systems. And all of this made national and international organizations appreciate the quality of the work accomplished and delivered by Kahraba Engineering.

Our long Reference list witnesses our success and our client satisfaction in designing, installing and maintaining their systems

Activity Fields

1. Technology's Cutting Edge Specialized Security & Low Current Systems including:

·         Earthing System/Cathodic Protection.

·         Lightning Protection and Surge Arrester System.

·         Surveillance Camera System.

·         Automatic Door System.

·         Fire Alarm Systems.

·         Intrusion and Perimeter Protection.

·         Music Distribution and Public address.

·         Conference & Simultaneous Translation Systems.

·         Hotel and Hospital Systems.

·         Building Management System.

·         Nurse Call.

·         Intercom System.

·         Access control & Biometrics Solutions.

·         Telecommunication Systems.

·         Interactive guest Management.

·         Parking System.

·         Metal & Explosive Detectors.

·         X-Ray Inspection System.

·         Road Blocks.

·         Full Security Solutions.

·         IT Communications.


2.  Specialized Mechanical Works:

·         Clean Environment for Hi - Tech Industries.

·         Suppression Gas System CO2, FM 200...

·         Fire fighting Equipment.

·         Sprinkler System.

·         Safety and protection equipment.

·         Fire Extinguishers.

·         Complete Fire Fighting Solutions.

3. Trading & Distribution:

·         Electronic Components:
Transistors - MOSFETs - IC's - Led - Ballast - Controls- Diode - Resistor - Seven Segment Display - Arrow Display - Regulators - Passive Components - Memories - Relays - LCD -Trimmers - Power Electronics...

·         Test and Measuring Equipment:
Analogue and Digital Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Frequency Counter, Function Generator...etc.

·         Educational Laboratory Equipment:
EPROM Programmer, Industrial Electronic Trainer, Analog & Digital Electronic Training Set, Basic Communication Trainer...etc.

·         Scientific and Chemical Laboratory Equipment:
PH meters, Pipettes and Pipettors, Viscometers, Refractometers, Water Testing, Turbidity, Temperature, Glassware...etc.

·         Meteorological Field Equipment:
Anemometer, Humidity meter, Hygrograph, Thermograph, Rain Recorder. Rain Alarm, Burglar Alarm, Light activated alarm.

·         Sealed Lead Acid Batteries.

·         Industrial Sensors:
Inductive,Capacitive, Ultrasonic Sensors, Photoelectric, Color Mark and Fiber Optic Sensors.Flow Control & Metering, Limit Switch, Temperature/Pressure T Transducer, Pressure & Differential Pressure Gauge, Humidity & Temperature Measuring, Obstruction Lights, Kilowatt Hour Meter.